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Problem employee? You need us.

At McPherson your human resources concerns are our business. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether your company is a start-up or a global entity - if you have employees, we have solutions.

Employee Relations

McPherson Organization Consultants are experts in resolving employee relations escalations. From simple to complex, no employee issue is too small or too difficult for our team of experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does McPherson Organization Consultants, LLC assist small businesses?
McPherson Organization Consultants work with small to mid-size, start-up to global companies. If you have one or more employees, you need us.

What services does McPherson Organization Consultants, LLC provide?
Contact McPherson Organization Consultants for simple inquiries such as HR policy questions, or when you need help with an employee relations concern. Contact the HR/OD experts with McPherson Organization Consultants to establish a HR function within your organization or position your Company to achieve a competitive advantage. No inquiry is unimportant to our team of professionals.

Are McPherson Organization Consultants attorneys?
McPherson Organization Consultants are experts in the field of Human Resources. McPherson Organization Consultants reserves the right to refer inquiries involving unlawful conduct to a licensed legal representative for consultation.

When should I contact McPherson Organization Consultants?
Contact McPherson Organization Consultants when you have a question or concern. Our staff of professionals are available from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST, and 24-hour assistance is available for urgent inquiries. To reach a McPherson Organization Consultant outside of business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST), you may request assistance at 651-747-7590.

Where are McPherson Organization Consultants located?
The McPherson Organization Consultants, LLC corporate headquarters is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our talented staff of professionals are located in virtual locations across the United States of America.

What can I expect when contacting McPherson Organization Consultants?
Your inquiry will be responded to by a McPherson representative the same day. We understand the time-sensitive nature of your employee relations issues and are standing by to assist.

How can I be sure that my inquiry will be handed confidentially?
McPherson Organization Consultants will not share Company or inquiry information with others without your permission. Guaranteed. Additionally, McPherson Organization Consultants, LLC contracts only with Companies seeking assistance with human resources and employee relations concerns.